Payment Methods for Application Fee
  1. ATM Bill Payment Service (ATM)
  2. PPS Bill Payment Service (PPS) (Merchant code: 77)
  3. Internet Banking Bill Payment Service (Including Credit Card)
  4. Online Card Payment System
    You can settle the application fee by Online Credit Card Payment. Steps are as follows:
    1. Click the link directing to the on-line “Card Payment System” on the Acknowledgement page after you have submitted your online application through OAA, or at section View Application/ Registration Fees Payment Status after logging in the OAA system.
    2. Get a valid Visa/ Master/ UnionPay (CUP) card ready.
    3. Enter “Name of Payer (i.e. Applicant’s Name)”, “Card Holder Name” and “E-mail Address”.
    4. Click “Proceed to pay by Visa / Master / CUP Card” and you will be prompted to the payment gateway website.
    5. Check Transaction Details and enter your Credit Card Information as requested, then click “Proceed”.
    6. If you have registered for “Verified by Visa” or “Master Secure Code”, it will redirect you to your card issuer and request you to enter the password for authentication. Otherwise, your card issuer may decline the online payment request. If you have any query about the registration, please contact your card issuer.
    7. A “Payment Successful” or “Payment Declined page” will be prompted. For successful payment, please print the confirmation page for record. A payment acknowledgement e-mail will be sent to you if a correct e-mail address is provided.