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Welcome to the Online Application for Admission (OAA) system for PolyU SPEED's articulation honours degree programmes leading to a degree awarded by PolyU specially for Associate Degree / Higher Diploma graduates.

Admission for 2023/24 (January) Intake

Main Round of Application (11 September, Monday - 10 October 2023, Tuesday)

Clearing Round of Applicatoin (11 October, Wednesday - 11 November 2023, Saturday)

In view of the limited admission quota, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for admission in the Main Round.

Admission will close at any time once the admission quota has been met.

It normally takes about two weeks' time for the School to process a complete application.  Some applications may take longer processing time.

Please always check this online platform for the latest application results.

Notice for Non-local Applicants from the Mainland, Macao and Taiwan (MMT)

Please note that the intake quota for MMT applicants, as set by the government, has been reached.  As a result, it is not possible to process further applications during this cycle.  However, prospective applicants are encouraged to apply for the upcoming 2024/25 (September) intake.  

Programme Commencement Date

Semester Two 2023/24 will commence on 22 January 2024 (Monday).

Office Hours of Service Counters and Campus Entry

The normal office hours of the CPCE Academic Registry (CAR) service counters can be found on the PolyU SPEED website ( under “Contact Us”.  Staff, students and authorised persons holding a valid student/staff/smart card and visitors having a valid QR code can enter the campuses.

Campus visitors, please check the most recent service hours on our website prior to visiting our service counters.


Enquiries: Tel: 3746 0900 (CPCE Academic Registry)          E-mail:          Website: